A004 - This is a copy of a very rare coin of the early U.S. types. It is a
"JAQ" Token (copper or bronze), that is a 1/8 Real denomination. Dated
1818. These are called "New Spain" (Texas) Jola, and are 15/16mm in
diameter. Examples show "1/2" (for half-Real) as the denomination, but
in actuality, they were the exact size of contemporary 1/8 Reals. They are
called 1/8 Reals in "Coins of the World," (2nd edition), 1750-1850, by W.
D. Craig, 1971. But are called 1/2 Reals in the U.S. Coins Red Book. The
grade shown in the former is Fine, value $2,500. Star on reverse side.