A022 - There is a 1/4 Real "Santa Marta" coin listed in "Coins of the World,"
by W.D. Craig, and there has always been speculation that a 1/8 Real version
of this coin exists, but as far as is known, none have ever been found. This
is what the coin would look like if it exists or is ever found. Dated 1813, it
has the date and "D.G." at top w/ "F.VII." in the center (date is below). It
has a beaded boarder on both sides. Reverse has "S.M." in large letters for
"Santa Marta." This coin is copper, and in 1971, graded VF, valued $90.00
for the 1/4 Real. The 1/8 Real that we offer would be "Unique," and priced
at several thousand dollars. (15/16mm)