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Our Current Selection:

A001. Greek, Aegina, AR (Silver) Obol (7/8mm):
A002. Greek, Aegina, AR (Silver) Obol (8/9mm):
A003. Anglo-Saxon (British/English) AR (Silver) Sceat, (12mm):
A004. U.S. 1818 "J.A.G" Token AE (Bronze) 1/2 Real, (15mm):
A005. Ostrogothic AV (Gold) Cross Ornament/Coin (21mm):
A006. Visigoths in Spain, AE (Bronze), "AE7", (7mm):
A007. Greek, Athens, Attica AR (Silver) Obol (7mm):
A008. Byzantine Bronze, Michael III, "AE13" (13mm):
A009. Greek AR (Silver) Hemibol, Flower design (6/7mm):
A010. Medieval Anonymous AR (Silver) Denario (15mm):
A011. British Northumbria, Aethelred II, AE (Bronze), Styca (11/12mm):
A012. U.S. (1652) New England Three Pence AR (Silver), (19mm):
A013. U.S. 1862 "Love Token" struck on AR (Silver) Dime, (17mm):
A014. British King/Ruler Durotriges, AE (Bronze), Celtic (15/16mm):
A015. Greek, Kephallenia, Kranion, AR (Silver) Hemibol (6mm):
A016. Sumatra, Salah al-Din AV (Gold), 1/4 Mas., (10mm):
A017. Visigoths in Spain, Sevilla, AE (Bronze), (6/7mm):
A018. Sweden, Knut Eriksson, AR (Silver) Bracteate, (17mm):
A019. Greek, (Ionia?), AR (Silver) Drachm, (13mm):
A020. Byzantine 1/8 Stavraton, Constantine XI, AR (Silver), (11mm):
A021. Visigoths, Sevilla, Spain. AE (Bronze), (6mm):
A022. Carribean, 1813 Santa Marta 1/8 Real, AE (Bronze), (15/16mm):
A023. India, 1 AV (Gold) Fanam, c. 1700's, (9/10mm):
A024. India, 1 AR (Silver) Chakram, c. 1700's, (6mm):
A025. Greek, Athens, Attica, AR (Silver) Obol, (8mm):
A026. Greek, Tetartemorion, AR (Silver), (5mm):
A027. Byzantine 1/8 Stavraton, AR (Silver), Manuel II, (13mm):
A028. Byzantine 1/2 Stavraton, AR (Silver), John VIII, (17/18mm):
A029. Medieval Anonymous AR (Silver) Denario, (14/15mm):
A030. British/Celtic, Bohemia, AR (Silver) Unit, (9mm):
A031. Celts in Gaul, AR (Silver) Drachm (13mm):
A032. Celtic AV (Gold) 1/8 Stater (10mm):
A033. Celts in Switzerland, AE (bronze), (12mm):
A034. AE (bronze) pentanummium of Justin II (13mm):

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